Global Security and Surveillance (GSS) are able to perform many varied and complex tasks where secure, responsible and reliable solutions are required. By utilizing the talents of our pool of established system integrators we are able to secure sensor components from a variety of different sources and offer the most reliable solution at an appropriate cost.

Technologies appropriate for the task are selected from a pool of qualified vendors to provide the most effective solution. These technologies include a variety of sensors such as cameras, both daylight and infra-red, radar sensors ranging from hi gain performing coastal radars to ground surveillance radars at airports and for critical infrastructure protection. In addition sonar, seismic and other advanced technologies are available to meet the needs of the customer.

 Global Security and Surveillance LLC. is proud to represent Infiniti Electro-Optics. Below is the latest offering. 

Infiniti combines the most advanced electro-optics and video surveillance technologies into customized products that meet our client’s specific requirements. Our custom build approach allows us to design and configure complete end-to-end solutions based on actual needs and budget requirements, not a manufacturers’ specs and limitations. We believe in providing an effective and honest solution and are wholeheartedly committed to the quality and performance of our products.


Global Security and Surveillance LLC. is proud to represent Lacroix Naval Systems. Below is the latest offering.

SYLENA Decoy Launching System (DLS)

Our R&D team has dedicated the last 10 years to developing three new Decoy Launching Systems [#DLS] to meet world navies’ requirements: SYLENA LW, SYLENA MK1 and SYLENA MK2.

From patrol boats to frigates, The SYLENA range of systems has been developed by Lacroix to offer an optimized solution for ship protection with RF and IIR (Imaging Infrared) SEACLAD decoy effects. Unlike many Decoy Launching Systems which deploy chaff, regarded as outdated with respect to modern electric warfare due to chaff discrimination systems, SYLENA utilizes corner reflector (CNR) technology.

Our fixed launchers are fully compatible with corner reflectors (CNR) and our RF decoys are based solely on this technology: Lacroix does not mix CNR with chaff, in order to preserve the credibility of the decoy.

Our decoying solution allows permanent monitoring of the missile and does not interfere with signal propagation, even after the deployment of the decoys, to enable the ship to use its jamming and hard kill capabilities.

SYLENA offers an omnidirectional (360°) protection and is effective whatever the missile’s relative bearing, thanks to the omnidirectional characteristics of its decoy.


Trainable launchers are not required to deploy corner reflector centroid seduction, making our Decoy Launching System a cost effective solution which is capable of reacting very quickly to supersonic missile threats.

For anti-torpedo tactics, SYLENA MK2 offers a smart solution with the ability to deploy the SEALAT-CANTO® anti-torpedo decoy.



Global Security and Surveillance LLC (GSS) is pleased to announce a business development relationship has been formed with Raven Wireless Design LLC., with immediate effect. GSS will be responsible for developing the business activities of Raven Wireless Design and obtaining development and design opportunities for their talented design team.

Raven Wireless Design is led by its principal and owner, Mr. Peter Stuckey, a renown and accomplished RF design engineer with many years of experience designing high visibility radar projects for the US Navy and developing a wealth of electronic warfare products for the Department of Defense in general.

Raven Wireless Design has the capability to test and evaluate all products and components utilizing the wealth of test equipment acquired during an extensive design and test career. This capability is particularly important as it can provide to customers the highest level of test, analysis and evaluation at an affordable cost. Projects can be accepted with the full understanding that a turn key solution can be developed and tested in house.

Currently Peter is the lead design engineer for a new replacement radar for the US Navy where he has developed the complete system architecture and the RF path from the antenna to/from ADC/DAC. In addition, other projects include the provision of expert advice to government agencies on radar, wireless communications and Sigint and perform detailed simulations and develop lab prototypes to validate analysis.

Other team capabilities are both broad and comprehensive and way too extensive to detail here. The Raven web site when complete will cover many aspects of the team capabilities but should more detail be required please contact us for a copy of Peter’s extensive resume. Peter has Top Secret (TS-SCI) with CI poly clearance and his company is NIST 800-171 Compliant.